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Mission and Vision

At Sanaa Review, our mission is to provide a platform for diverse voices in the literary community, creating a space where artists can showcase their work and connect with an engaged audience. Our vision is to be a trusted source of literary reviews and opinions, fostering meaningful conversations that inspire and enrich our readers.


Sanaa Review was founded in About Us by Courtney Figueroa, an accomplished writer and passionate advocate for marginalized voices. Driven by the dearth of opportunities for underrepresented writers in mainstream outlets, Figueroa initiated this endeavor to establish an inclusive platform showcasing a multitude of perspectives.

Founder: Courtney Figueroa

Courtney Figueroa, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sanaa Review, has dedicated her career to championing overlooked voices in the literary world. With an impressive background in writing and editing, Figueroa brings a wealth of experience and crucial insights to Sanaa Review. Her commitment to promoting diversity and ensuring equitable representation lays the foundation for the values and mission of our platform.

Website Objective

At Sanaa Review, our objective is to celebrate and amplify the voices of emerging and established writers from diverse backgrounds. We strive to provide thought-provoking literary content that fosters critical thinking, artistic appreciation, and cultural dialogue. Our website serves as a dynamic hub for writers, artists, and literary enthusiasts alike, offering a wide array of reviews, essays, interviews, and reflections on literature and its impact on society.

Target Audience

Sanaa Review takes pride in catering to a global audience of literary enthusiasts and anyone in search of diverse literary perspectives. Our content is carefully curated to resonate with both avid readers and aspiring writers irrespective of their cultural, ethnic, or social background. We endeavor to create a nurturing space that appeals to both well-read audiences and those seeking opportunities of literary exploration.

Unique Value

What sets Sanaa Review apart is our dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members. Each member brings their unique expertise to the table, ensuring that the literary content curated on our website meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Our commitment to diversifying literary discourse sets us apart, as we actively seek lesser-known writers and curate a wide range of literary genres, perspectives, and styles.

Sanaa Review not only serves as a launching pad for undiscovered talent but also as a trusted resource for those seeking stimulating literary content. Through our platform, we strive to give voice to the underrepresented, fostering a stronger, more inclusive literary landscape globally.

Discover the power of language, unleash your imagination, and embrace narratives that transcend conventional boundaries at Sanaa Review.

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